Random Babblings of a Lunatic - Issue #9
Column by: The Loony Guy on 12/04/2003

As you know, the RCW event known as “Full Circle” will be marking the first year anniversary of Revolutionary Championship Wrestling. By all accounts you have to consider the first year as a big success and we all are looking forward to the future in this upstart federation. We’ve seen stars such as Chris Harris and Jerry Lawler, 8 events in the first year, and no doubt some of the best Indy Pro Wrestling that can be found anywhere. I’m really looking forward to year number two! Looking ahead to Full-Circle, as of now we have 6 matches announced with all 4 RCW Titles on the line and more action to be added so let’s look at what we have so far:

Beautiful Bobby L. vs. Trik Nasty: This is for the RCW Heavyweight Championship! This will be Bobby’s first defense of his new belt and Trik will no doubt push Bobby to the limit. Both of these grapplers are on top of their game right now and I predict that is will become an RCW Classic for the ages. Trik is arguably the most technically sound and skilled wrestler in RCW but Bobby is probably the smartest and will use every angle to his advantage. Add Exotic E ringside and anything goes. This should be the match of the evening.

Loony’s Prediction: Bobby L. in a not so clean win...Here’s why, Bob has just gotten his first taste of RCW Gold, Trik has been banged up lately defending his recently lost Extreme Title. Exotic E has been priming Bobby for this and his influence on the outside will be the difference. There is nothing too low or underhanded for Evil E to do. He’s a slimy toad-bellied weasel! Also remember just whom Bob defeated for this belt too, that in itself speaks volumes about Bobby’s ability!

Excalibur vs. The Rydas: This is for the RCW Tag-Team Championship! After The Rydas run in at the last event during Excalibur’s match with The Freakshow plus Dirk Extreme being knocked out with a pumpkin, there is a lot of bad blood between theses 2 teams. The Rydas is a top-notch team and has an army of a fan base behind them in the Juggalos and that is bound to help the momentum toward them, but remember that the brains behind Excalibur is also the Commissioner of RCW. This one is shaping up to be one wild match!

Loony’s Prediction: As solid as The Rydas look, I can’t see anyone stopping Excalibur. I predict Excalibur to not only keep their titles, but do it in grand fashion and totally route The Rydas.

Tank Runyon vs. Dude Rock: This is for the RCW Extreme Division Championship! As always in an Extreme match, the challenger picks the stipulations of the match and when that is announced, that should factor big time into this match. We haven’t seen Dude Rock wrestle in nearly 6 months and word has it that Tank is hitting the Gym hard and training intensely. But don’t sell Dude short on this kind of match and he has something to prove not only to his gaggle of fans but to himself as well. This has the makings of one brutal encounter and will probably be the most interesting match of the night.

Loony’s Prediction: Apocalypse at The Elks! If anyone who survives this match will be a winner! Keep the Emergency Squad ready!

Jason Taylor vs. Average White Guy: This is a special RCW Internet Division Championship match! Jason had a recent impressive victory over LOTD Sancho and he is seemingly improving his game in every match. AWG is a mainstay here in RCW and really impressed me after his victory at NOES over the fierce Zodiac. This ought to be a good match up.

Loony’s Prediction: AWG with a clean victory and new Internet Champ!

The Freakshow vs. The Angry Black Men: This is for the number 1 contender’s spot for the Tag-Team Championship! This match has the potential to get nasty and fast! A lot of bad blood from their pre-RCW days too! After a spectacular performance at Genesis, The Freaks seemed unstoppable (unless blindsided with a steel chair). But Excalibur showed their true strength to Freakshow at NOES. The Freaks are hungry for Gold! The ABM are on the bubble because at International Incident they were at each other’s throats and fell apart as a team. The ABM have been on the message board claiming they are together, on the same page, and ready to leave a trail of destruction on the way to Tag-Team gold. It will be interesting to see if ABM have settled their issues and can work together again.

Loony’s Prediction: My gut feeling says that ABM will prevail in a close victory.

Zodiac vs. Billy McCarty: Got to admit that I was very impressed with the newcomer Billy McCarty at NOES. This kid has a spark to him and I hope he becomes a regular at RCW. But in spite of Billy’s flash and charisma, he is up against The Zodiac! Zodiac is a cold-hearted, brutal man who knows what needs to be done in the squared circle and how to do it. I doubt that McCarty has ever gone up against anyone like this before. Billy is about to get the Litmus test and see just what the kid is made of!

Loony’s Prediction: The Zodiac in a total squash! I see this match lasting over a couple of minutes only if Zodiac is in the mood to see some suffering and agony inflicted on Billy.

Now, some Full-Circle Babblings:

Maybe she’s into S&M? After Syren was nearly destroyed at the previous 2 events, she is back on the message board heckling Tank! Is this what you call a “Death Wish”?

Is it true that The Lords of The Dance were among the illegal immigrants caught working at Wal-Mart without valid Green Cards?

How will Max Power factor in to Full Circle? The man is HUGE and just about unstoppable!

After a couple complaints that the column is too long, I tried shortening it up a little, but it didn’t work!

I heard that Dork Extreme was picking pumpkin seeds out of his mane for a week after NOES!

What about The Outlawz? Are they still a team? At Genesis, they made a big splash but only Chris Smith has been back to even show his face! Chris had a tremendous match at NOES, very impressive! This may sound a little harsh (and I’m sure to get plenty of hate mail over this) but I personally thought that Chris looked better as a singles wrestler than as a Tag-Team wrestler.

Note to The Phoenix and the Board of Directors: C’mon people, you allow your commissioner to heave fireballs in people’s faces? It’s just not right I tell ya! Actually, it was pretty cool!

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Finally, a big shout out to one of RCW’s biggest fan, Deadman Josh! He’s probably the only one who actually reads this column this far! Keep sending the fan mail and I’ll see you at RCW: Full Circle!