RCW 100 is just around the corner. Al Snow is in jeopardy of losing the company as he and a partner of his choice faces WRESTLEOHIO. Lots of names in the rumor mill floating around on who Snow will pick. Names like Onyx, Judas Thorn, and Ace Gigolo are being discussed due to their past associations with The Mastermind. But it is also possible Snow could pull someone from RCW's past such as Tank Runyon, Chris Smith, or Vile. What if Snow brought a tagteam partner from his past such as Steve Blackman or Marty Jannetty? Anything could happen at RCW 100!

RCW 100 is also the night THE CAGE returns to RCW. Dirk Extreme and Trik Nasty. It's about so much more than the North American Title. It's so personal that those close to both say the loser may very well call it quits rather than go thru with the humiliation that the other will put them through. We are hearing that Trik Nasty is pursuing a Arena Football career.....could this have an effect on his Cage Match on 4/14?

Dangerous Damien Kass made headlines across the country last week. Kass was brutally stabbed while trying to stop an armed individual from attacking others at a college in Columbus. Kass is a HERO to many and we are proud to have him here in RCW. The attack though has left DDK injured and Devlin without a partner. The contract was signed weeks ago for the Black Irish Saints to defend the RCW Tagteam Titles against The Black & Blue Crew (Tommy Chill & Cyrus Poe). What plans do the The Saints have now that DDK is out? Will they forfeit the titles or will someone step up to tag with Devlin? We are hearing that there may be someone from RCW's past coming in to fill the void at RCW 100. Who is it? We can't say but if the deal goes through it will be great to see this individual once again.

Chad Cruise is really wanting diverse competition. The RCW Heavyweight Champion likes to go up against someone different each time to prove himself. At RCW 100 Cruise is facing Randy "The King" Allen. Allen has been away from the squared circle since October. We can confirm that The King is in better shape and more determined than ever before. Will the King reign again???

Heavy Metal missed PD12 due to a tailbone injury. No word on how severe the injury is. The accident happened outside of the ring. Will Metal be back in time for RCW 100? It is up in the air (or air guitar) at this point

Speaking of Heavy Metal.....Metal, Dirk Extreme, Jason Legend, and Tyson Rogers recently were filmed as part of a commercial for The Wheelersburg Cinema by our friends at the Zone. Be sure to watch out for that. Sources say they were fighting all over the theater and even threatened a Forrest Gump impersonator!

Who will be the break out performer for the year for RCW? There are quite a few that could be on this list. Corey Mason, Jason Legend, Heavy Metal, Bryan Cross, etc. We are betting that one or all of these guys could be the next Break Out Star in RCW and take the company by storm.

RCW is said to be reaching out to several wrestlers from the past for RCW 100. Names that you still see today and some that you haven't seen in quite some time. We can say that a Runyon has been contacted, but which one?

RangerBob missed RCW 100 due to knee replacement surgery. We are sure that he helped talk them through the surgery to make sure they did it right(joke). Seriously though, we wish Bob a speedy recovery.

Would you like to see a RCW Women's Division implemented this year? Let RCW Management know by emailing After RCW 100 that address may belong to The Mastermind....

The Juggulator has turned over a new leaf AGAIN! Can anyone trust the tattooed slayer? Looks like Trik Nasty can. After their match at RCW 99 those close to both said they have patched up their differences and Trik is positive Juggulator can be trusted.....this week.

Vance Desmond had to retire once again due to his multiple injuries sustained in the ring. We will miss Vance, but we wish him the best in his life. We hope to have an in depth interview with Desmond here on in the coming weeks. size="1" face="Arial"

This is still out there :RCW Returning to TV!???! RCW Management would not confirm nor deny this rumor but we are hearing more and more rumblings about this.

That's all for now....until next time, be safe and don't forget to come out and see RCW "100", SATURDAY April 14th at the Pipe Fitters Local 577 in Portsmouth, OH.