Random Babblings of a Lunatic - Issue #8
Column by: The Loony Guy on 10/07/2003


Sorry about that, someone switched my Zoloft with Yellow Jackets and things was spinning out of control for a moment. Anyway, it's the Loony Guy again straight from the Asylum with some more Ramblings about RCW. I am the last of a dying breed...a columnist who actually writes new columns! But I never said they were GOOD columns though! Let's jump right into things:

International Incident! A Great show but it looked like there were alot of technical difficulties. I applaud the powers that be in RCW for working to get the show going, it would have been easy to announce, "Sorry Folks, but there are too many problems going on and the show has been cancelled" but they didn't! And it was well worth the wait. BIG CONGRATS to Jason Taylor for winning the Battle Royal and being crowned RCW's first ever Internet Champion! It's obvious that JT has took his game to the top this summer. It came down to JT and The Great Meco and I thought that Meco was going to win this thing but JT pulled it off for the big win!

Now, I want to talk about what was arguably the match of the evening...Trik Nasty defended his Extreme Title against DDK of the Angry Black Men. Now keep in mind that the rules state that the challenger gets to choose the stipulations of the match! DDK chose a "Handicap Match" with C.O. Hussla and Tommy Chill in the corner. As Jim Ross would say, "It was a real Slobberknocker"! I would have never thought that Trik would emerge in one piece, let alone with his Title still around his waist! But that came via a major argument between the ABM. I can't help but wonder if this spells the end for the ABM as a team or if DDK & Hussla have buried the hatchet? How about it ABM.... inquiring minds would like to know!

The opening match of I.I. pitted Tank against Vic Stone in a match that perhaps was initiated on the message board when Yours Truly called into question Tank being ranked in the top ten challengers to Vile's Gold (after all all he has done up to I.I. in RCW was beat up a chick). Vic felt that his performance in the Battle Royale at Independence Blast merited him ahead of Tank. This match settled that question with Tank earning that contender's spot with a huge win over the big Bald Monster, Vic Stone.

Perhaps the biggest news of the evening came from the Heavyweight Champ's camp...or what didn't come. Vile didn't come to defend his Belt. It was announced that Vile was enroute and when he arrived at Port Columbus International Airport, someone sabatoged him or his flight and he was hung up there. I truly hope that Vile is on the up and up with us, here's why I even question this...a recent defector from Off The Hulk...er, I mean Off The Hook Wrestling made his debut at International Incident and was looking for Vile. This was none other than The Incredible Max Power! Max is a monster and a vetern of Indy wrestling here in the Tri-State area and Pennsylvania. Now, no one can convince me that when Dregen was Champ that he wasn't ducking Vile and scared of him and chose to retire rather than face Vile like a man in the ring because he knew Vile was better than him (in spite of Dregen's fluke victory over Vile at "Hail to the King"). Was Vile truly sabotaged or is he likewise ducking a massive challenger with the taste for RCW Gold? This columnist requests that Vile responds to the fans and set the record straight via the Message Board.

The Main Event of I.I. had to be the successful, first ever Title defense by the new Tag-Team champs, Dirk Extreme and Randy Allen against the team of Beautiful Bobby L. and Meltdown. Randy and Dirk are now sporting the moniker of "Excalibur" which was the name of the legendary magical unbreakable sword of King Arthur given to him by the Lady of the Lake (and no, Excalibur wasn't the sword Arthur pulled from the stone, that one was broken in battle). To make matters more interesting, it was announced that Excalibur was now "3 Strong" adding Tank Runyon to it's ranks. Think about it, what other alliance touts themselves as being "3 Strong"? Yes, none other than the Outlawz, and remember who their third member is...Andy Runyon. VEDDY INTERESTING! Anyway, it was a great match with Excalibur retaining their Gold. It was good to see Barbie and the Beast back together too.

Also, the Commissioner made his presence felt in a big way with announcing at a future event will be a "Triple Threat Match" for the Heavyweight Championship between Vile, Max Power, and Beautiful Bobby L. If you missed International Incident, you missed an incredible evening!

While I was at I.I., I picked up a flyer for RCW's next event called "Nightmare on Elm Street". Several pictures of RCW Superstars are on the flyer including Juggulator, Trik, DDK, Excalibur among others. The commissioner is promising some information on this event in the very near future. I have a feeling that this event won't be for the faint at heart. I even noticed that Freddie Krueger himself is posting on the message board!

Finally, the nationally acclaimed award winning Random Babblings:

One couldn't help but notice that Randy and Dork have taken arrogance and conceit to new heights! Their display of egos at I.I. could make a fly puke!

Blizzard is one tough Cruiser Weight! He took a beating galore in the Battle Royale!

Kind of funny, separate Excalibur and they are in trouble. Allen was late getting into the Battle Royale (probably on purpose), and Dork was tossed out over the top rope ASAP when left to fend for himself!

Who was that masked man in the Battle Royale (and I don't mean Meco). I didn't catch who he was.

In Non-RCW chatter, Ring of Honor (the best Wrestling Fed outside of RCW) announced that Jim Cornett will be managing ROH Heavyweight Champ Samoa Joe at a future event! I was in Dayton to see Joe do a run-in and save Cornett's bacon when The Prophesy turned on Jim. AWESOME!!!!!

Is Eric Bischoff's spiel getting old or what! But I am glad to see Al Snow getting some prime air time! And when's Maven's Heel turn coming???

And how about Big Poppa Pump's Heel Turn?!? He took a page straight from Tank's book on "How To Treat a Lady with Respect"! :)

Can we now say that Off The Hook is officially dead and ready for burial?

Yeah, I was very vocal against OTH but only because of the way OTH, a few of their wrestlers, and a few of their fans were wrongfully and viciously attacking RCW. But I really hate to see them go belly-up, Indy wrestling in this area will be at it's best when there is competition.

Back to RCW, very noticable by their absence at I.I. was The Outlawz! I was hoping to see a follow-up on the blockbuster they dropped on us at Genesis! This columnist is requesting that Chris and/or Jay address their absence on the message board. You have gotten our interest piqued, talk to us fellers!

Speaking of the message board, did you notice this goober by the name of "The Dark One" taking credit for Vile being sabotaged? The Zodiac shut him up though.

Truth verses DDK! That's entertainment! Throw in Mobius for good measure! But PLEASE... Everyone is beating the term "Mark" to death! Must have been the cool word of the month to use or something???

Suggestion for Nightmare on Elm St. - Freddy verses Jason! That would Rawk!

Ice cube up his nose!!! That was funny!! :)

Well fellow Lunatics, it's time for my Electro-Shock Therapy! Be looking for my thoughts leading into "Nightmare on Elm Street" on the message board before the event. Remember that the Loony Guy can be reached at:


Thanks for reading!