Random Babblings of a Lunatic - Issue #12
Column by: The Loony Guy on 07/25/2004

Greeting Fellow Loonytarians!
In exactly 1 week (Saturday July 31st to be exact), Revolutionary Championship Wrestling will be presenting the long awaited "Injection II - The Second Shot" at the Elk's City Lodge on 4th & Court Sts. in downtown Portsmouth. The staff at RCW have been working very hard to make this show a "Must See" event. RCW will be showcasing a "Royal Rumble" for the Extreme Championship Belt where a new wrestler will be entering the ring until 20 wrestlers have entered. When it is down to the last 4, it will become a "No-Disqualification" where there are no rules! When it is down to the final 3, it will become a "3-Way Dance" with submission rules. The last 2 men standing will be a "Table-Match" with the winner driving the other THROUGH a table!
There will also be a 3-Team Tag Team Championship match with the Belts suspended HIGH over the Ring and the first team to climb a ladder and get the belts down will be the Champions. This will be WILD!!! That is only a part of the evening and this show is guaranteed to be full of surprises, action, and the debuts of some new stars (as well as your favorite RCW Stars).
Bell time is 7:30 pm, tickets will be $10.00 at the door or $8.00 in advance at Castle Comics or from Yours Truly. Be sure to not miss INJECTION II! Come out and cheer (or boo) your favorite Referee too! The Loony Referee and his new Protege Sean King (The Slightly Off-Kilter Referee) will be in the middle of all of the action all night long.
In other Loony news, the Loony Staff is busy trying to select a winner for the Photo Caption Contest for a free T-Shirt and the winner should be announced anytime now. Keep watching the only Official Loony Referee website http://www.theloonyreferee.com/ and accept no substitutes.
In a surprising development, International Indy Star Homicide recently nailed The Loony Referee with a brutal chairshot at a Ring of Honor show in Dayton, Ohio. I will be back in Dayton and I will be looking for Homicide (and for my sake let's just hope that I don't find him) :)
The Loony Referee has been getting many calls for bookings and will be seen around the Tri-State area alot in the coming months. Later in the year, be watching the website for the release of "The Best of the Loony Referee" DVD. One of the brightest, up and coming Video Techs will be producing this. Also, there are only 3 Loony T-Shirts left in stock, sales have been better than anticipated, drop me an email if anyone wants the last of the shirts.
Again, make sure that you come to Injection II The Second Shot! See you there!