Random Babblings of a Lunatic - Issue #10
Column by: The Loony Guy on 01/07/2004

After the war
Left feeling no one has won
After the war
What does a soldier become

RCW’s first year is now behind us every event gets a little better than the one before it. Full-Circle was no exception pushing the bar a little higher. There was something there for everyone, drama, technical mat wrestling, high-flying action, and a Hardcore match that words can’t do justice for. Digging through the aftermath of Full-Circle, we are left with more questions than answers, questions that will no doubt play out in future shows. It’s hard to pick the “Big News” that should be mentioned first because several big things occurred, but let’s begin with the new Heavyweight Champion. Beautiful Bobby was defending his Gold in a 3-Way dance with Trik Nasty and Max Power. Trik and Max took turns thumping on Bobby and he didn’t have much of a chance but he still fought with all he had. The big Behemoth Max Power eventually was crowned RCW’s new Heavyweight Champion! No doubt the challengers will start lining up to jockey for that first shot at Max’s Gold. Personally, I would like to see Bobby get a rematch against Max.

There are also new Tag-Team Champions in a very controversial and disputed match that saw the team of The Juggulator and JD Escalade, otherwise known as Da Rydas, leave FC (Full Circle) with the straps and Excalibur empty handed. Excalibur actually won the first match up with a pinfall, but new RCW Commissioner Chris Smith (yes, you read it right) felt that Excalibur didn’t win clean due to the referee missing Randy Allen using the ring ropes and the ref missing it. So a rematch was granted with special referee Andy Runyon immediately. But when Andy entered the ring Dirk Extreme slapped Andy and Andy drew back his fist which Smith grabbed. Chris wasn’t using his microphone so it isn’t clear what he said to Andy, but he did point to his eyes. Chris asserts he told Andy that he is watching him while some at ringside thought Chris told Andy that he couldn’t “see” him hit Dirk. That may seem to be a minor point but think about it, was Chris warning Andy not to punch Dirk and be a fair commissioner or was this a scheme between the 2 to screw Excalibur? Anyway, Andy pointed out some chick in the audience to distract Chris then Andy laid Dirk out setting up Da Ryders winning pinfall. Now I have to wonder, will Chris be fair and square as a commissioner? Does he have another agenda with his fellow Outlaw Andy Runyon to seek revenge against certain people within RCW for old issues? Will Chris continue to run out his special referees until he gets the decision that he wants? But Andy wasn’t done for the night...

Tank Runyon defended his Extreme Division Gold against the very popular Dude Rock in a Hardcore bloodbath. Thumbtacks, chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks wrapped in barbed wire, even mouse traps were all used. But when Senior Official Steve Taylor was taken out by a surprise Stunner from Tank’s manger (and former commissioner) The Mastermind (remember, anything goes in a Hardcore Rules Match), once again Andy Runyon ran to the ring as an official and made the 3 count on his nephew Tank declaring Dude Rock to be the new Extreme Division Champion! The Fallout??? Tank is now furious at his Uncle Andy and Tank is challenging Andy to settle this family feud. Chris polled the fans via RCW’s message board and interest in this potential match up is enormous. And speaking of message board polls, The Mastermind has asked that fans write RCW Board of Directors to request that Mastermind be reinstated as commissioner due to Chris’s controversial calls at FC. You can contact the Board at: boardofdirectors@rcwonline.com if you feel so inclined to do so.

There was a lot more also, The Angry Black Men defeated The Freakshow in a No. 1 contenders to the Tag-Team Title match, Tommy Chill decimated newcomer Flash Fury, future franchise player Ace Gigilo picked up a win over Sancho of The Lords of the Dance, Jason Taylor made the only
successful Title defense of the night keeping the Internet Belt over Average White Guy, and in the opener, Zodiac looked strong winning over the exciting newcomer Billy McCarty. So this leaves us with much to Babble about:

The Angry Black Men put aside rumors that they weren’t unified and on the verge of a breakup with a solid showing against The Freakshow. Now that the ABM are the number 1 contenders, if they win the straps, will they still be angry?


Federations should resist the temptation of having too many Titles but with the additions of Flash Fury and Billy McCarty, I would personally like to see a Cruiserweight Title, even if it meant sacrificing the Internet Title.

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn... Just ask Mastermind and Tank after Syren clobbered both with a serving tray. And to think, I said that Syren didn’t have a chance! To Sara, Jethro and the rest I argued with on the message board about this very subject, I stand corrected! Mind, would you like 1 lump or 2 with that!!

Ring Announcer Tyson Rogers... an honorary member of Exotic E’s stable?!? Interesting...

Match of the night had to be Tank & Dude!

Did you catch on the message board Dirk Extreme demanding a match against Trik Nasty? Seems Dork still hasn’t gotten over the legendary “Pumpkin Shot Heard Round the World” from NOES.

I wonder how the “Recall the ‘Mind for Commissioner” vote is going?

The music and sound never sounded better than it did at FC! Kudos to the sound man! Great job!!!

Is Jay Vastine still in RCW?

Big Congratulations on the newest wrestling news website, www.offthehookwrestling.com The site looks great plus a Screen saver that you can download. I did!

A couple of guys who really impressed me at FC are Bryan Fury and J.D. Escalade.

Seeing Josh Hayes swiping punches at Tommy Chill was like watching fleas swarm around a dog. Josh deserved to get to flattened!

Personally, I thought The Elks was the best venue yet for an RCW Show. I hope there will be more.

So in closing, no doubt when the next RCW event is announced, it will be BIG! A lot of questions to be answered, a lot of issues to be settles, and a lot of old-fashion beatings! It doesn’t get any better than this!!!! See you in the funny papers and remember to drop me your thoughts and comments to: randombabblings@rcwonline.com